Portrait of a lady (in polka dots)

Shweta Malhotra and Nicobar have something in common: we’re both dotty for polka dots.

 We’ve written about our love for this pattern before (Seeing Spots) and Shweta’s own preoccupation with the polka is well documented in her work, so it came as no surprise at all when her first Nicobar purchase was the floor-length cotton polka dot dress.
„A circle/dot just represents so many things.„"I’m not sure how and when exactly it began, but once I took notice and realized I had a whole collection of polka dotted stuff – in my home, accessories, utility items… somewhere down the line it subconsciously started showing up in my work as well. It’s mostly black and white polka dots, I guess it also comes for my love for geometry, shapes, and minimalism."

Shweta also gave us some pointers about dressing for work when you work for yourself (that story here), and answered the Nico Q&A here.